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Nicola Harrison


I look after commercial property investors and developers, government entities, commercial landlords, franchisors, and various high profile small medium enterprises.

With close to 20 years’ experience in NZ and the UK, I take a holistic approach to our clients’ requests anticipating their needs and always tailoring advice, agreements, and strategies in a way that meets their goals, deals with their internal requirements, and puts in place strategies for streamlining work and revenue flows. I ensure that the client’s commercial goal is kept foremost in mind, and achieved in the most timely and cost effective manner possible.

My expertise includes:

  • delivering the legal requirements for a wholly owned government entity in its development of innovative and unique urban communities throughout Auckland
  • applying myself to the negotiation and preparation of bespoke development agreements that address the commercial needs, relationships, and delivery objectives for the project
  • guiding government entities through the negotiation, management, and conveyance of large developments and complex agreements, including assisting with the training of internal staff as required while ensuring productive and cost efficient workflows are maintained
  • ensuring clear lease documentation which reflects agreed terms, commercial needs, and property managers’ needs while ensuring information and communication flows are kept open during negotiations
  • assisting offshore investors with Overseas Investment Office applications, and working through the delays, costs, and information submissions these entail in a practical and sensitive manner
  • ensuring quick and thorough due diligence on the acquisition of properties is carried out, and ensuring fair value is being received
  • negotiating fair, reasonable and practical bespoke shareholders agreements and constitutions
  • identifying the legal needs of retail, manufacture, technology, and engineering companies in their supply and distribution agreements, contractor agreements, and providing those clients updates on changes in the law
  • negotiating and implementing finance and security arrangements
  • navigating incorporated societies through changes to their constitutional documents, dealing with difficult members, running meetings effectively, negotiating contractual relationships, and ensuring legal obligations are understood.

My clients are smart and commercially experienced. I make an effort to understand their businesses, their desired outcomes, the competing priorities, and the external influences in the situation they have asked assistance with. Then, I give considered, pragmatic advice that adds to their continued success.

Area of Expertise

Commercial Property
Corporate & Commercial
Land Development


LLB(Hons), BA

Contact Details

DDI: +64 9 969 1213
Mobile: +64 21 0241 4949
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