Deirdre Norris

Deirdre Norris


I have been practising law for over 25 years and for most of that time have been with Glaister Ennor.

My areas of expertise lie in the field of commercial and property law. In particular, I have developed experience in Overseas Investment Act approvals, Commercial leasing, forestry documentation, mergers and acquisitions, financial service provider and financial advisor law, property syndication, and technology.

I have advised on:

  • Overseas Investment Act approvals – I successfully procure significant investment in New Zealand interests from several international corporates, including for NZ King Salmon and Whitford Forest Holdings Company.

  • Commercial leasing – I act for many property developers involved in the construction of high quality commercial buildings, and I assist with the ongoing management of the subsequent leasing of those properties. In particular, I have developed a long-standing working relationship with one of Auckland’s foremost pioneering construction companies. With more emphasis being placed on environmentally sustainable construction methods, I have been involved in transactions tailored to meet strict Greenstar rating standards.

  • Forestry documentation – I act for small and large forestry owners, because I have expertise in many aspects of law pertaining to forestry, including the establishment of forestry rights, forestry leases, structuring of forestry transactions, and related legal work. A recent transaction I was involved in was a significant purchase of several thousand hectares of prime freehold forestry land in the Hawkes Bay region.

  • Mergers and acquisitions – I act on a large number of merger and acquisition transactions, including joint venture tenders involving international parties and layered-facility funding structures.

  • Financial service provider and financial adviser law – I provide expert advice in this area, normally as part of the compliance requirements associated with transactions such as securities offerings. I have been responsible for ensuring compliance with the recent legislation by many entities active in this area.

  • Property syndication – I have established structures offering property syndication in the market, and I have been instrumental in the set up of structure and management arrangements of over 15 commercial property syndicates with a current worth in excess of $120m.

  • Technology - although technology is not a primary focus, I deal with many kinds of technology contracts.

I have always enjoyed the practice of law as it touches the lives of people in so many ways. I like to think that, in some small measure, we share in the triumphs, but equally the trials and tribulations of our clients. The culture of Glaister Ennor has lent itself to this kind of legal practice: we have long term relationships with clients, both at the corporate level and at the personal level. Even though many aspects of legal practice have altered dramatically as technology has developed, this feature has remained at the core of Glaister Ennor’s service.

“Deirdre is a Partner who does not share liabilities of the partnership”.

Area of Expertise

Corporate & Commercial



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