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Anthea Coombes


I am a Partner in the Land Development and Property Team at Glaister Ennor working closely with Stephanie Harris. I have over twelve years’ experience in a wide range of land development and property matters including subdivisions, complex title matters, residential and commercial property transactions, and building and development work. 

I am an expert in subdivision and e-dealing and have worked on some of the largest subdivisions and most complex title arrangements. I provide advice and assistance to both developers and other practitioners – some of the advice relates to tricky subdivision and title issues.

I work closely and collaborate with planners, surveyors, Land Information New Zealand, and a number of other property development specialists. Working collaboratively enables us to anticipate any problems or issues which may arise in projects so we may deal with them before they arise. I advise on transactions from initial concept stage, through to consent applications, and then on to the subdivision and sell-down process. Having oversight of the land, title issues, and desired outcomes from the get-go ensures that issues and complexities can be identified and addressed early on while civil works are being undertaken on site leading to faster sell-down and settlement processes for our clients.

My experience includes:

  • completing all legal documentation for complex residential subdivisions including negotiations with Council on consent conditions, reviewing survey, preparing easements, land covenants, encumbrances, consent notices, and all other necessary documentation, and liaising and consulting with Land Information New Zealand

  • undertaking the legal documentation for various unit title and fee simple strata developments for clients of large-scale residential and mixed use apartment buildings

  • completing the necessary documentation for clients to undertake both complex and simple redevelopments of a number of existing unit title developments

  • assisting clients and practitioners with complex and unusual title matters

  • drafting the legal documentation for a simultaneous parent and subsidiary unit title development (layered development) for residential and commercial buildings; and

  • guiding clients through and completing conversions of existing cross lease titles to fee simple titles and preparing all the associated legal documentation.

With my significant experience in a wide range of property matters, I aim to work with clients to achieve their goals in a timely and efficient manner.

“Anthea is a Partner who does not share liabilities of the partnership”.



Area of Expertise

Commercial Property
Land Development



Contact Details

DDI: +64 9 356 8249
Mobile: +64 21 259 1652
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Anne Wallace
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