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Key Unit Title & Incorporated Society Expertise


Meet The Team

How we can help you achieve your goals

Talented people with expertise and experience working as an integrated team giving you:

  • innovative legal solutions
  • practical and pragmatic advice to help you achieve your objective
  • seamless advice and technical support across all aspects of property development, conveyancing, and litigation

Exceeding your requirements by:

  • identifying issues early to reduce costs and the risk of disputes
  • working collaboratively with you and your team of expert advisors
  • giving you value for money

Effective dispute resolution through:

  • early identification and action on key issues before disputes arise
  • effective representation of your interests at hearings and alternative dispute resolution meetings
  • strategic and tactical litigation advice

Opportunities to add value by:

  • educating bodies corporate and unit owners about their rights and obligations
  • introducing you to other professionals working in the industry
  • providing options to implement best practice

Highlights of our experience – we have been involved in the:

  • establishment of new commercial, residential, and mixed-use unit title developments
  • successful applications for reinstatement schemes
  • preparing and advising on body corporate operational rules, and body corporate management and property management agreements
  • creation, variation, and surrender of easements and covenants affecting bodies corporate
  • redevelopment and cancellation of unit plans
  • disputes at unit title developments relating to the use of unit property, noise, and debt recovery