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Unit Titles & Incorporated Societies

We offer industry-leading advice on all aspects of unit titles law. We advise developers, bodies corporate, unit owners, and body corporate managers at all stages of the unit title life cycle: conception, consents, subdivision, establishment, operational issues, and disputes.

Glaister Ennor’s unit titles’ experts offer a deep understanding of the law, and they offer practical solutions to your problems. We work collaboratively with body corporate managers, accountants, building surveyors, and other professionals to achieve your goals.

Our experience in this area of law includes advising on:

  • unit title development concepts and resource consents
  • unit title subdivisions
  • governance issues and decision-making
  • body corporate operational rules
  • redevelopments
  • property management agreements and related issues
  • debt recovery
  • leaky buildings and remedial works’ projects; and
  • unit titles’ disputes.

Further, our lawyers are actively involved in industry bodies such as the Australian College of Strata Lawyers Inc. We are also actively involved in unit titles law reform. We keep our clients up to date with regular newsletters and with our popular in-house lunchtime seminar series.

We also offer experienced and practical advice on the establishment and operation of incorporated societies. We advise developers on the necessity and desirability of an incorporated society as a management tool in the context of land development, and the establishment of incorporated societies. We advise incorporated societies on their rights and obligations, governance issues, and amendments to their constitutions.

Our experience in this area of law includes advising on the integration of different layers of management structures for land and communal assets, establishing incorporated societies, preparing constitutions, and assisting with governance.


Glaister Ennor is a NZ Corporate member if Strata Community Association Ltd.

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Meet the team

Our expertise includes:

  • Unit title subdivisions
  • Establishing bodies corporate and incorporated societies
  • Governance issues
  • Operational rules and constitutions
  • Unit title disputes
  • Repair and maintenance issues
  • Rights and duties of bodies corporate and incorporated societies and their members
  • Compliance