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Resource Management

We proactively and efficiently assist our clients achieve their objectives under the variety of legislation and planning documents that relate to resource management and local government law in New Zealand.

We act for, advise, and represent clients with a wide range of business, personal, and professional interests in respect of innovative and complex projects and developments. To secure the best outcomes for our clients, we work closely with planners, architects, urban designers, landscape architects, surveyors, ecologists, engineers, and other experts in their fields. (Depending on the circumstances, we or our client may require other experts.)

We offer practical and pragmatic advice on a wide range of issues associated with resource consenting (subdivision and land use), plan changes, development contributions, compulsory acquisitions, and environmental compliance.

Our specialist experience includes working with clients on:

  • resource management and local government issues in the purchase of land and buildings for residential, commercial, and development purposes
  • resource and building consent processes with district and regional councils
  • district and regional planning documents including private plan changes
  • council, Environment Court, and other appeal courts
  • court-assisted mediation
  • development-related issues such as development contributions, monitoring and compliance, and environmental prosecutions; and
  • local government matters such as bylaws and liquor licensing.

We strive to provide a valuable contribution to our client’s projects. In addition, we keep our clients updated by hosting presentations at our popular in-house lunchtime seminar series.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Resource consent applications
  • Plan changes
  • Environment Court Appeals
  • Local government prosecutions
  • Bylaws
  • Due diligence

How can we help you achieve your goals?

Effective dispute resolution through:
  • early identification and action on key issues before disputes arise
  • courteous and timely communication with other parties
  • effective representation of your interests at hearings and mediation
Project management and organisation to:
  • provide strategic legal project management on a collaborative basis
  • cover all bases enabling the successful completion of your project
  • manage application and hearing processes efficiently
Highlights of our experience – we have been involved in:
  • a private plan change to re-zone part of Alexandra Park
  • commercial and retail developments
  • residential subdivisions as urban redevelopments (brownfields) and greenfields projects
  • successful opposition to reduce the scope of development over Milford Mall
  • neighbour disputes relating to trees, shared driveways/access lots
  • enabling residential and countryside living through plan changes in Whitford