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Key Land Development Expertise

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How we can help you achieve your goals

Understanding developer’s drivers from:

  • a depth of experience in dealing with developers of both greenfield and unit title developments
  • an understanding developer’s expectations, time frames, and requirements
  • an understanding of the time-bound nature of development

Understanding the process from our:

  • experience that has led to an in-depth understanding of development from land acquisition to issue of
    titles to the development
  • experience in large scale subdivision sales
  • understanding the steps both concurrently and consecutively in the subdivision process
  • ability to manipulate the process for the best advantage of the client

Team approach means:

  • multiple skill levels creating a multi-faceted and experienced team
  • particular skills brought to the table on matters such as resource management, contract drafting, subdivision documentation liaison with councils
  • collaborative approach as part of the overall developer’s team, along with planners, surveyors, engineers, and architects

Timely and prompt delivery of services by:

  • understanding that timely delivery of services is essential
  • understanding the client often needs advice promptly, swiftly turned around
  • understanding conveyancing is a time-driven process
  • creating key performance indicators to ensure time frames are met
  • working collaboratively with other consultants and other experts to manipulate time frames for the developer’s best advantage

Years of experience in residential conveyancing offers you:

  • core knowledge of the critical steps in the conveyancing process
  • understanding various modes of sale – auction, tender, or private treaty
  • understanding the needs of all clients from first home buyers to experienced land owners

Our communications will be:

  • prompt, clear, and free of jargon
  • open and transparent
  • appropriate communication – meetings, phone calls, and emails