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It takes a special person to invest in the property market. You need self-belief, persistence, a long-term view (most of the time), and the courage of your convictions.

You also need a powerful legal partner. And, Glaister Ennor is that law firm.

Glaister Ennor is rightly regarded as one of the leaders in property law. We are proud to say we have a longstanding reputation of being a leader in property law and have an enviable reputation amongst our peers. It’s based not only on our deep understanding of this area of law, but also on our wealth of technical, strategic, and practical expertise. Besides, several of our partners are experienced and successful property investors so, they know what it takes to succeed.


The property team advises clients on a broad spectrum of commercial property work; such as, small scale office, retail, and industrial properties (small and large scale); major overseas and domestic acquisitions and disposals, including forests; commercial leasing, property development, and major subdivisions.

We advise New Zealand clients as well as overseas investors.

We ensure we understand our clients' commercial priorities so we can advise our clients effectively. From that understanding, we ensure the legal priorities dovetail well with those commercial priorities. And, what correlates well with understanding the client’s commercial priorities is that our team offers in-depth knowledge of standard industry documentation, quality advice on relevant legislation, experience of current market practice, and comprehensive dispute management for construction and projects.

We advise our clients on how to avoid disputes. But, things do go wrong and disputes do arise. So, our team of experienced construction litigators advise clients on resolving construction disputes efficiently and on attaining the best possible commercial and legal outcomes.

We are experienced giving advice in relation to:

  • construction
  • legal project management for large complex developments and creation of towns and communities
  • successful property investments
  • affordable housing, placemaking, and sustainable communities
  • asset owning organisations; and
  • planning greenfields’ projects and towns; particularly, the terms and conditions of trade, the sale and purchase of businesses, and the preparation of distribution, supply agreements, and commercial contracts

We have managed some of New Zealand’s largest and most complex property transactions. But, we have also managed many of the smallest, and everything in between. Although (and this is the most important achievement for us), we consistently achieve the results our clients want.

Meet our Commercial Property Team

Land Development

While the land development team act for some of New Zealand’s largest and most established developers, the team also acts for many emerging developers. The team is involved in all kinds of developments: from stand-alone sections to creating high-density developments, and not forgetting significant unit title developments. 

We can provide project management for all the development’s legal aspects; that is, we manage the project from the developer’s vision of the development to purchasers’ acquisition, once the development is completed. We will work collaboratively with all who are, and have to be, involved with the development; such as, professionals like engineers and planners, councils and other authorities, funding providers and investors, contractors, and real estate agencies. 

In addition, we can negotiate all necessary infrastructure funding arrangements and requirements, community assets (lanes, parks, schools) requirements, and council financial contribution arrangements. If alternative infrastructure funding is an option, and is appropriate, we’ll negotiate that for the client. We will also negotiate and draft development agreements, expressions of interest, expressions of registration, and tender agreements. 

We are proud that clients, legal peers, authorities, and professionals regard us highly. They do so not only because of our experience and knowledge, particularly in large and complex land development arrangements, but also because of our assurance we will understand the developer’s business and commercial goals. Plus, it is widely known and appreciated that we work collaboratively with all who are involved with the project. 

Our reputation also comes from managing the whole project transparently. From the outset, we will gather together everyone who will be involved in the project. As a team, we will agree on the work and programme methodologies, the communication processes, the financial reporting processes, and the timelines. 

Importantly though, and this comes from our extensive experience and thoroughness, we will recognise what issues may arise during the whole development. Take for example a possible contaminated site or heritage site. We will engage the necessary professionals, work with them on the report, negotiate with the respective authorities, and seek the best and most viable outcome to achieve the developer’s goals.

Our relationships with councils and other authorities are worthy of mention. Our team members, the firm’s partners and staff, have built those relationships on trust, respect, diligence, dedication, and professionalism.

Because of all this, Glaister Ennor is privileged to have worked on many of Auckland’s significant land developments. We draw specialists from whatever team in the firm to form the most suitable team for the development project. We then dedicate one of the firm’s partners, who is always available for the developer, to the project.

Meet our Land Development Team


This area of law is often referred to as conveyancing.

If you are interested in buying a home, some land, an investment property, or a second home, we can help. Our dedicated residential conveyancing team, who work with home and investment sales for both buying and selling, will advise you on how to best structure the deal. They will then work with you to complete a successful transaction.

We have extensive experience in bodies corporate. However, in the residential team we have extensive experience and knowledge in the full residential law area.

Our expertise includes:

  • assisting with the buying and selling of residential properties including apartments
  • dealing with body corporate issues
  • acting for borrowers and lenders in relation to the procurement and refinancing of loans
  • dealing with construction and development projects and issues
  • conducting due diligence
  • giving expert opinion for other lawyers, legal firms, and industry professionals
  • assisting with all aspects of leasing including commercial leasing
  • advising on and assisting with all aspects of legislative compliance including real estate agency compliance
  • assisting with and advising on overseas investment
  • advising on security management
  • assisting with structuring titles, easements, and encumbrances
  • assisting with subdivisions; and
  • assisting with unit titles.

Many investors see property as a stable and dependable investment opportunity.

To make the most of these opportunities, we can utilise our combination of market knowledge, commercial focus, and quality legal advice to deliver results for our clients. Therefore, we help them to realise their objectives.

We build solutions that meet our clients’ needs, and that means we work with clients from the beginning of project to its finish. So, we could assist to raise finance for a property acquisition, or we could advise on the construction of a major infrastructure project. Regardless, we have the right expertise for all property and construction related matters.

Talk to us if you are planning to sell a property. Having an expert in property law on your side can make all the difference – not just to ensure the sale itself goes smoothly, but also to minimise conflict (and its costs) after the sale.

Meet our Residential Property Team

Our expertise includes:

  • Acquisition and disposition
  • Apartments
  • Body Corporate issues
  • Construction
  • Conveyancing
  • Development
  • Due diligence
  • Expert opinion
  • Financing
  • Leasing
  • Overseas investment
  • Real estate agency compliance
  • Real estate agency commission claims
  • Securitisation
  • Structuring titles, easements and encumbrances
  • Subdivisions
  • Unit titles


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