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How we can help you achieve your goals

Unparalleled organisational capability delivering:

  • seamless advice across all aspects of financial investment and wealth management with an integrated
    team of experts
  • investment structures and property syndicates like no other firm; partly because we have our own successful investment business, and, therefore, we understand your risks and drivers

Talented people with expertise and experience to make the right judgements, giving:

  • our experience based on our own investment business
  • a team supervised by two partners who each has over 20 years’ experience in the area
  • an understanding of your financial needs so we tailor your structures to support your successful
    business – we aim to exceed your requirements

Reduced exposure to risk by offering:

  • an integrated team of lawyers made up of property syndicate experts and financial markets specialists
    working together to proactively reduce and manage your risk
  • no continuity risk for you - we have consistently strong financial performance as a firm and
    exceptionally low staff turnover
  • an assurance your reputational interests are protected - we already have a sophisticated anti-money
    laundering system in place
  • a provision of a helpdesk for all legal matters

Highlights of our experience and innovative legal solutions – we have been involved in:

  • advice to several other legal firms on their financial structures
  • a successful property syndicate business with a strong reputation for putting our investors first
  • a number of strongly performing and growing retail and wholesale mortgage funds
  • success in obtaining FMA licences