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Glaister Ennor does not provide financial advice. Obtain this from an authorised financial adviser. However, in the areas of contributory mortgages and syndicated property investment, we make available investment opportunities through associated businesses, Vulcan Mortgages and GEK Properties. Find out about these opportunities by clicking the links below.

Syndicated Property Investments

For investors who are looking for a higher return than can normally be obtained from fixed interest bank deposits, GEK Properties is carefully selecting properties that can be owned by a group of Glaister Ennor clients and can be managed by GEK Property Management Trust. Such investments are only available to parties defined as "Eligible Investors" under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

The general criteria for selection of property are:

  • it must be well located and must have an appropriate building for the area in which it is located
  • it must have a strong tenant covenant
  • it must have a lease for not less than six years and ideally more than nine years
  • it should have ordinary freehold titles, which are favoured over all other titles
  • it should have buildings preferably with only one or two tenants
  • it must have a purchase price in line with the market value; and
  • it must have potential for strong rental growth and preferably structured rental increases.

However, properties are considered on a case by case basis.

Although the majority of schemes are for an undefined length, a review date is stipulated from the outset of each scheme; at which time, management will determine whether it is prudent to terminate the scheme. Management will then make a recommendation to investors.

Gross income is paid out monthly.

On the sale of the property, after payment of all costs, fees, and repayment of the first mortgage, investors receive their share of the balance of the cash available. Accordingly, all losses or gains in respect of the value of the property are shared amongst the investors.

Contact Glaister Ennor for details of current syndicated property investments, which are available through GEK Properties. Please note you must make any investment by an application pursuant to the Investment Memorandum (including Offer Statement) for the particular property syndicate.

Contributory Mortgages

For over 30 years, Glaister Ennor has successfully arranged high quality contributory mortgage investments through its nominee company. Recently, a change in the law has required a change in the structure of these loans. Vulcan Mortgages, which is a business associated with Glaister Ennor, now offers the same contributory mortgage opportunities through limited partnerships.

Our team carefully selects all mortgage investments, which three partners of the firm then approve according to the following criteria:

  • only first mortgage is considered
  • interest is payable monthly
  • an ability to pay the interest must be demonstrated or interest is deducted from the loan advance; and
  • the loan to valuation ratio must be below 70%.

The borrower must pay all establishment fees so that a clear net return is provided to all investors.

Contact Glaister Ennor for current investment opportunities.

Investment Structures

Glaister Ennor has experience in providing structures for investments. If you want to set up a property syndicate, contributory mortgage lending arrangement, or similar types of investments, we can help you. For more information contact Mark Hopkinson.

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