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Archive: 2019

  • Glaister Ennor announces CBL Corporation Class Action

    17 October 2019

    IMF Bentham and Glaister Ennor announce a shareholder Class Action in the New Zealand High Court regarding the collapse of CBL CorporationCBL Corporation shareholders are invited to sign up to participate in the class actionAUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, 14 October 2019:International dispute financier IMF Bentham (ASX:IMF) and leading New Zealand law firm Glaister Ennor announced today a class action seeking compensation for shareholders of failed New Zealand insurance firm CBL Corporation (CBL).The collapse of CBL has impacted shareholders across the world, including retail investors in ...

  • Contracts of guarantee are ubiquitous in the commercial and personal legal landscape.

    10 October 2019

    In our experience, they are sometimes agreed to as an afterthought when the primary agreement terms have already been negotiated in detail and are just as quickly forgotten when the dust has settled.A contract of guarantee (Guarantee) is a contract under which a person (Guarantor) agrees to answer to another person (Obligee) for the debt default or liability of a third person (Obligor). A Guarantor does not directly undertake the obligations of the Obligor. The Guarantor assumes liability only when ...

  • Government announce changes to KiwiBuild and home ownership products

    10 October 2019

    Following the 4 September 2019 press release, the Government has announced new initiatives to help more New Zealanders into homes. These new initiatives will be achieved through what the Government is calling a “KiwiBuild Reset”.At a glance, this KiwiBuild reset includes:new ways for people to become home owners, such as shared home ownership schemes a name change for the KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant: it will now be called the First Home Grant deposits being reduced to 5% for new and existing homes the First ...

  • Residential Tenancies Act 1986 Update (Part Two): Tenant Liability for Damage, Unlawful Residential Premises, and Contamination of Premises

    10 October 2019

    Part Two of our Residential Tenancies Act Update considers a number of further changes to the Act, which took effect from 27 August 2019.Tenant Liability for DamageWhere a tenant carelessly causes damage to the premises, the tenant’s liability for that damage is limited to a maximum of four weeks’ rent or the insurance excess (if the landlord is insured) whichever is the lesser. However, where the tenant damages the premises intentionally or through an act or omission that constitutes an ...

  • Glaister Ennor promotes Mitch Singh and Chen Jiang to Partner

    2 September 2019

    Glaister Ennor has elevated two high-performing senior associates to its partnership. Mitch Singh and Chen Jiang have been appointed as new partners in the firm’s litigation and disputes resolution team. Glaister Ennor now has 15 partners and over 60 staff in its CBD Auckland offices. Senior litigation partner, Paul McKendrick commented, “both Mitch and Chen have extensive litigation experience and deliver excellent results for clients. They form a key part of our growing litigation and disputes practice, which provides strategic and ...

  • Doing Things by the Book

    10 July 2019

    Non-compliance with the procedural requirements of the Unit Titles Act 2010 can lead bodies corporate into strife. The Tenancy Tribunal decision, Martin v Body Corporate 71725 [2019] NZTT Christchurch 9010441, provides a useful reminder of the importance of doing things by the book.In Martin v Body Corporate 71725, a number of unit owners applied for orders relating to Body Corporate 71725’s (Body Corporate) failure to comply with the Unit Titles Act 2010 and Unit Titles Regulations 2011. The primary issues ...