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About Us

Glaister Ennor was established over a hundred years ago. It quickly grew into a well-respected, highly regarded, full service central Auckland law firm. 

We provide our clients, some of whom have been with us for generations, a wide range of legal services on a personalised basis. These clients trust us to deliver quality advice. They trust us to always respect them and the client-lawyer relationship. And, they trust us to observe the highest professional and ethical standards at all times. We give our clients peace of mind because we consistently and continually demonstrate our extensive expertise of, and experience in, a full range of legal services.

All legal advice is tailored to your needs. Whether you are purchasing a home or you are building a town, we can do it all alongside you. Whether you are selling a dairy or you are buying a multi-million dollar business, we can assist you with that too. Regardless of the legal work you would like us to do, we will work closely with you. We really do provide big firm service from a small firm environment.

We are a firm that values and nurtures relationships: you won’t feel like you are being passed from pillar to post. We want you to feel you belong. You can rely on us to maintain your contact relationships within the firm, and you can rely on us to give you access to the wide range of high-level specialist knowledge and advice the firm has available.

For more on how we work and who our people are, simply call us.