Glaister Property Transfer Service

There has possibly never been a better time to get your feet on the property ladder now the housing market is picking up and interest rates are low. All you need is to find the right house at the right price and then a good law firm to help you sign the deal you want.

GLAISTER PROPERTY TRANSFER SERVICE gives you the advice and help you need before you buy and then smart, effective and reliable legal services to make sure your house purchase goes to plan.

We will explain how to avoid the common mistakes we hear of all too often. If you are buying an apartment we’ll explain how this is different to buying a house and if you are buying property with someone else we can advise you on the legal options for joint purchase. We will take care of the detail of your purchase and give you legal advice that is easy to understand.

Legal Advice

We’ve been helping clients buy their own homes for decades. We will take care of the detail of your purchase and give you legal advice that is easy to understand.

Based on the corner of High Street and Vulcan Lane we are easily accessible for anyone working in the city but, if you have to travel to see us, we provide free parking.


We offer competitive rates and although the cost will vary depending on the complexity of the sale, we will ensure all work is carried out as cost effectively as possible.
However, if you take out a mortgage with participating bank, your legal fees could be free! Talk to us for more information or email us.

Free seminars

We regularly run seminars so you can learn what you need to know when buying a house (especially for the first time). Register and we will let you know the date of our next seminar.


Buying Property 101 Seminar

Buying your first house? Register for our free seminars ‘Buying Property 101’.

Get free help and advice on getting your house purchase right.

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