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Category: Corporate & Commercial


    31 May 2018

    You may be aware of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (the “AML/CFT” law), which has been in force for some years now. To date, it has mainly affected banks and other financial or investment entities. The purpose of the law reflects New Zealand’s commitment to the international initiative to counter the impact that criminal activity has on people and economies within the global community.From 1 July 2018, lawyers are required to comply with the AML/CFT ...

  • How enforceable are those online “Ts & Cs” we all accept?

    3 March 2018

    We have all done it. You might be purchasing a product online or downloading software for your computer. You come to the end of your online purchase or download, and, without a second thought, you click a box to say you accept the terms and conditions (“Ts & Cs”) of the particular website without reading them first. But, just how enforceable are those Ts & Cs you just blindly accepted?Whenever you click “I accept” to a website’s Ts & Cs, ...

  • Sarah Davis Resigns from Glaister Ennor

    2 March 2018

    It is with regret that we announce Sarah Davis has resigned from Glaister Ennor on 28th February as she, and her family, take the exciting step of relocating to England where her husband is now part of the Ben Ainsley Racing Team.Sarah has been a significant member of our Glaister Ennor team and will be missed by staff and clients alike. She is a highly regarded lawyer in the corporate, commercial and health and safety areas.However partners, Mike Roberton and ...

  • Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 – Changes and Implications

    6 December 2017

    The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 (“CCL Act”) came into force on 1 September 2017. The new legislation consolidates 12 commercial statutes into one to allow an up-to-date and accessible “one stop shop” Act to deal with contractual and commercial law matters.For example, legislation concerning contracts privity, contractual mistakes, contractual remedies, frustrated contracts, sale of goods, and carriage of goods have been repealed, and such matters are now governed by the CCL Act. However, consumer protection legislation has not ...

  • Health & Safety

    6 December 2017

    WorkSafe (the health and safety regulator) has recently announced that it has accepted enforceable undertakings from Zespri. These undertakings are in connection with a fatal quad bike incident, which occurred in May 2016 on a Tauranga orchard. The victim was a worker engaged by a contractor of Zespri.Enforceable undertakings are a tool that Worksafe can use as a positive alternative to prosecutions under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.This case highlights two interesting points: first, what are the ...

  • New Cartel laws

    6 December 2017

    Amendments to the Commerce Act significantly expand the scope of prohibited cartel conduct. There are also two new exceptions. However, it is important to check existing contracts prior to the expiry of the nine month transitional period on 14 May 2018 because certain criteria must be met before the exceptions apply.What contracts could be affected?Any distribution agreements, joint ventures, franchise agreements, or any other agreements, arrangements, or understandings between two or more competitors that restrict output or allocate markets. This ...